Jason Garrett Says Cowboys are Aspiring to Be Like the Spurs

Tony Romo, Jason Garrett

I’ve stated many times that the Cowboys will prosper when they care more about being football players than “COWBOYS”. I think many of the Cowboys players are passionate and want to win, but far too many of the players on the team are just happy with the fact they get attention because they play in Dallas.

They lead the league in role players making club appearances on fliers during the season. The Cowboys have talent, but talent only gets you so far in any sport, so maybe watching the Spurs will help them.

A misconception about the Spurs are that they were just a fundamentally sound team. That is true, but they are also a very talented team. We you combine talent, focus and selflessness, you can do great things like overcoming the best player on the planet.

Cowboys have to become team and not just a set of individuals more concerned about their reputation at the club than their performance on the field.