Jets Owner Likes The Idea of Playoff Expansion

Woody Johnson playoff expansion

File this under the “no one is surprised” folder.

Jets Owner Woody Johnson was asked about the idea of expanding the playoffs and his feelings won’t surprise you. He likes the idea:

“There are good arguments on both sides, and I haven’t gone into it in maybe the depth that we will,” Johnson said this week at Jets minicamp, per The Star Ledger. “We’re going to study it hard. But I kind of like it. I kind of like the idea of more playoff games. We’re still below other sports (in terms of the number of teams that make the playoffs).”

To me there are a couple of things to note here. First, he isn’t the Owner to mention that even if they expand the playoffs, they would still be better than the other leagues so keep an eye on that when they push this money grab through. Also, of course an Owner with a mediocre franchise likes the idea of expanding the playoffs because it gives them a better shot at getting in.

So in the end, Woody is looking out for his team’s best interests but none of this is surprising.