Jets Worried Because Mike Goodson Has Gone Missing

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets

Earlier it was reported that the Jets had cut Mike Goodson after he failed to show up to the first day of mandatory minicamp. The team is now coming out to say that they are worried about Goodson’s well being. No one on the team has spoken to Goodson, and none of their calls have been returned.

“There’s no question, it concerns me,” Ryan said, via ESPN. “I’ve tried to reach out to him but haven’t been able to make contact with him.”

Goodson’s agent, Kennard McGuire, released a statement saying Goodson needs to “comprehend not only effective communication but simple communication.” McGuire didn’t elaborate, but that sure sounds like McGuire hasn’t heard from Goodson.

Reaction of Jets players is pretty similar to that of the front office. Everyone seems to be concerned about Goodson. This is certainly a very strange situation, and hopefully everything is ok with him.

[h/t NBC Sports]