Julio Jones Picks Patrick Peterson Over Richard Sherman


Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson have gone back and forth all offseason about who the best cornerback in the NFL is.  Atlanta Falcons star receiver Julio Jones gave his opinion to CBS Sports. 

“Probably Patrick Peterson,” Jones said. “For me, he follows me everywhere. Sherman (does) every now and then. He usually plays the right side (left side of the defense). The majority of the time, he’s the right (actually left) corner. Pat, he does everything. Not only play cornerback. He can catch a few balls on offense. He can return kicks and punts.”

Jones has played against Peterson on several occasions going back to their days in college, when Jones was at Alabama and Peterson was at LSU.  Jones and Peterson squared off once in the NFL in 2012.

Jones has played against the Seahawks twice, once in 2011 and once in the playoffs after the 2012 season.

The growing debate focuses on Peterson, who follows the best teams wide receiver around the field all game.  Sherman on the other hand doesn’t follow the opposing teams best receiver around and is usually only responsible for his deep third on one side of the field.

“Sherman’s a great player,” Jones said. “They have a great defense, period. Most quarterbacks are not going to have that much time to throw the ball down the field if you run a dope move or anything. Those guys (Seattle secondary) know the time they have to play with. If you’re the best, you should go against the best ­­ hands down. Patrick Peterson stays with me.”