KD Says He’s Sorry, But Not Sorry & Then Deletes Apology Over Kawhi Tweet


Kevin Durant needs to stop being wishy washy.

Stop tweeting and Instagramming things then deleting them five minutes later. I would hate to see him trying to order from McDonald’s.

The entire thing is silly. He gave his opinion on Kawhi and Paul George.


Kevin Durant Tweets 2

Nothing wrong with what he said, just giving an opinion. Who cares if anyone agrees or disagrees with it, he is entitled to say how he feels. Of course he deleted the Tweets.

Then today he goes on a rant where he says he’s sorry, but not really sorry about what he tweeted.

Then he deletes that, for no particular reason either. Fans aren’t rational, they are going to attack anything you say, if you don’t want to deal with it, don’t Tweet or IG, just keep your mouth closed. But, if you do decide to say something, say it with your chest.

One thought on “KD Says He’s Sorry, But Not Sorry & Then Deletes Apology Over Kawhi Tweet

  • So what if he did say and then decided to withdraw what he said. I wish tht you pissants would just let these guys say and do what they want without you “no life jock strap sniffers”, constantly being on the look out for anything to say about them.
    If he said anything, who cares, Leonard I am sure I is not going to give up laying BBall because of that. If I was him, I would still be laughing all the way to the bank. And you jock sniffers, should be washing your face of that sweat sticking to it from having your nose so far up the Pros butt..


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