Knicks Telling Carmelo They Will Go After LeBron in 2015

Carmelo Anthony Stares Rihanna

Phil Jackson is trying to swindle Carmelo to Opt-In to his contract and not pursue free agency until 2015. Here is the pitch they are giving him courtesy of ESPN.

Jackson’s pitch to Anthony — which sources say he has delivered more than once over the past month — is founded upon the notion that the Knicks will have increased financial flexibility in the summer of 2015 to bring in a marquee free agent to pair with a re-signed Anthony.

Miami’s LeBron James, provided he also decides to opt in later this month and put off free agency for a year, is the target the Knicks are telling Anthony they intend to pursue in the summer of 2015.

The problem is that Carmelo has to decide if he wants to opt-in before LeBron does. So what if Carmelo Opts-In, LeBron Opts-Out and signs long-term deal with the Heat or someone else?

Best thing for Melo to do is Opt-Out and then decide if he wants to stay with the Knicks long-term.