LeBron Posts FB Pic of Manziel; Cavs & Heat Fans Beg in Comments

LeBron Manziel Facebook

There are way too many comments to post them all, but you can view them here.

Here are just a select few.

Jeffery Kask That hoe aint loyal.

Ramsey Gordon you’re fans show up to games late and leave nba finals games early, Miami has the weakest fan base in the NBA

Collin Alcorn Cavaliers fans don’t deserve you. Let’s not forget what they did after the decision

Kedron Gray Don’t talk about going to Cleveland it may be Ur home but as soon ad u left what did they say…..U suck Lebron all this and all that.They hated u when u left and they’re on their knees begging don’t fall for that man

Stuart Ravitz I can’t believe you opted out. What happened to the 4,5,6 championships. My 10&14 year olds are devastated. Come on man.

Jessica Lundy The Cleveland / Akron hometown kids were devastated too. They watched him play throughout high school and had hope of championships . If he didn’t care about the hometown kids who he let down with 0 rings, what makes you think he cares about yours after winning 2??

Christopher Thompson Lebron was just a Cowboy fan now he a Brown fan?#Hoes ant loyal

Carlos Carranza Mofo i thought u were a Cowboys fan

Isaac Rosales Don’t leave MIA LeBron!! At least give them one more year, I wanna see a redemption match against San Antonio!! See who the real champs are!! You guys made it to the Finals 4 times in a row, that’s gotta say something man.

Tony Christian Lamont Green It was only 2 white people who burned his jersey and you’re saying the whole city did… smh you are the weakest fans ever in Miami

Cowboys fans got in a couple of shots as always.