LeBron Responds Big in Game 2 of NBA Finals

chris-boshAfter being being so ridiculously mocked for leaving game 1 early due to severe cramping, LeBron came back in game 2 and responded like only he can. James led all scorers with 35 points, and guided his team to a 98-86 victory, tying the series 1-1. LeBron said in his post game press conference that the only thing he did different to prepare for the game was take a yoga class this morning.

After the game, Ginobli who scored 19 points for the Spurs, emphasized how important it was for them to steal a game in Miami.

“We’re in a tough spot. We have to go down to Miami and get 1. We don’t want to come back here down 3-1.”

At the beginning of the game everything was working out in the Spurs’ favor. They were moving the ball so good I almost shed a tear. The way they continuously made the extra pass gave them an 11 point lead and made it seem like they were on their way to a blow out and taking a 2-0 series lead.

But somewhere in the 2nd quarter, the Spurs stopped moving the ball. They loss the fluidity to their offense and according to Ginobli the reason was because they were making “mistakes”.  This allowed the Heat to get back into the game and LeBron to get into “beast mode”. The Spurs also squandered a huge opportunity to take control of the game when Tony Parker and Tim Duncan missed consecutive free throws back to back.

The pressure is now on San Antonio to go to Miami and steal a game, something nobody has been able to do all post season long.