Lingerie Football Player Annihilates Fox Sports Producer (Video)

dirty tackle

For all the guys out there who think that getting trucked by a player in the Lingerie Football League Legends Football League would be somewhat amazing, think again. Watch as a producer from Fox Sports’ The Buzzer gets completely leveled by a member of the LFL’s L.A. Temptation.

The only truly amazing moment in that video, other than the fine bit of twerking at the end, is that as far as we know, that young man wasn’t horribly, horribly injured. Apparently women playing football in lingerie isn’t just about the eye candy—these girls can hand out some serious devastation.

[Fox Sports]

One thought on “Lingerie Football Player Annihilates Fox Sports Producer (Video)

  • Good contact with front of shoulders…but typical showboating: Didn’t wrap up and take to the ground…

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