Man Gets Stabbed Decides to Hit Up McDonald’s With Knife Still in His Back


Knife in Back

The fries are really good, so I guess if you are going to have your last meal, might as well go out with a bang.

Gawker has the details.

A man walked into a McDonald’s in Jamaica, Queens this morning with a six-inch knife sticking out of his back. He reportedly walked into the restaurant while speaking on his phone, calmly telling a family member that it might be the last time they hear from him. According to police, the man, 50, had been involved in a fight with two men they are still looking for.

“I heard everybody screaming and it was a lot of commotion,” witness Tromaine Yancey told CBS New York. “The guy came and he was standing there with a knife in his back and it was a kitchen knife.”

Customers gathered to make sure the man, whose blood was pouring down his back, didn’t collapse. Police say he was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he is in serious condition.

Sounds about right.


  1. Nice use of false information to get more views. He stumbled into the closest place he could, and by the way didn’t order anything. So, tell me again, what exactly got “hit up”.

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