Mario Chalmers Writes Drake-Like Message Directed at LeBron?

LeBron James Mario Chalmers June 2014

Is Mario Chalmers talking trash about LeBron James?

Chalmers took to Instagram on Tuesday to write this message:

Chalmers LeBron

Chalmers will become a free agent next week, and all signs point to that the Miami Heat have no interest in bringing back the point guard after his struggles in the NBA Finals this year.

I guess Chalmers sees the writing on the wall, and might be glad he doesn’t have to get yelled at by LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh now during games. Whether LeBron returns to the Heat or not, Chalmers isn’t going to be there, so it looks like it’s his moment to shine now.

Word is that LeBron unfollowed Chalmers on Instagram, though, which prompted the guard to post what he did.

Then again, it could just be nothing. Chalmers could just be referencing to someone else (probably Heat Bandwagon fans).  Part of the problem posting Drake-Like messages is you just never know.

2 thoughts on “Mario Chalmers Writes Drake-Like Message Directed at LeBron?

  • This has nothing to do with Lebron. This is all about drama Mario is dealing with regarding his girlfriend, sidechick and jumpoff that’s being leaked. LMAO @ Lebron’s name being mentioned

  • Actually the post has nothing to do with LeBron, Girlfriends, sidechicks, etc. I understand as
    A blogger, writer, etc. you try to stay relevant, but this is really stretch!

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