Maurice Jones-Drew Sued Over Allegedly KOing Bouncer

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Maurice Jones-Drew may have been looking for a new start in Oakland after signing a new three-year $7.5 million contract ($1.2 million guaranteed), however, it appears an ugly situation from his days in Jacksonville may be creeping up to demand his attention.

According to ESPN, Jones-Drew is being sued by a bouncer at a Florida bar, who claims he struck him during a bar fight last summer:

“Kasim Howard filed a civil lawsuit in St. Johns County that alleges Jones-Drew hit him from behind during an altercation at a St. Augustine, Florida, restaurant/bar called the Conch House on May 26, 2013. The suit alleges that Howard, who was working as a bouncer that day, suffered bruises, a loss of consciousness, a concussion and a herniated disk in his spine. He [Howard] is requesting a jury trial and is seeking damages because of emotional distress, pain and suffering, embarrassment, medical expenses, lost wages as a result of his inability to work as a professional boxer, and legal fees.

Henry M. Coxe III, an attorney for Jones-Drew released the following statement:

“The State Attorney shut this down after reviewing everything. We haven’t heard anything in ages and then we get a lawsuit after he moves to Oakland? We will deal with this in the judicial system as we have everything else.”

We will keep you posted of the details of the ongoing legal proceedings.