3 thoughts on “Mayweather’s New Lady Goes on $70k Shopping Spree (Photos)

  • Floyd is wack. What part of the game tells you advertise how much money you have to spend to get and keep a woman? If you’re spending money don’t you normally not want to admit to it? He’s lame.

    • Well Floyd is famous and rich so getting women should be easy and not cost him money. I think he is under tales impression that you can buy loyalty and love. You cant buy loyalty and love. Women cheat on rich guys with poor guys and vice versa. If you have low self esteem and you are not a pretty boy or bad boy and you have no game then spending money is the way you go to attract that type of woman. I would trade places with him in a heartbeat so Im not knocking the guy he is living the life he worked hard for and deserves.

  • When the relationship goes south he’ll take it all back…just like he did with Ms Jackson

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