Metta World Peace Says Bieber Can Say N*gger if He Comes to the Hood (Video)


Metta World Peace considers Justin Bieber a friend, but after video footage of younger Biebs was released where he was making racist jokes and dropping the word n*gger freely, World Peace felt the need to address the subject. Metta says he still considers Biebs his friend and feels his friend isn’t a racist, but just ignorant.

“He’s got to chill in Compton a little bit more … ya gotta chill in Queensbridge a little bit more … where Lil Wayne is from in New Orleans.”

“You can’t just use the word ’cause you’re in Hollywood with urban people or people from the hood … you gotta actually be in the trenches in the hood … and then you can get a pass.”

I’m not sure how I feel about World Peace’s assessment of the situation, because he’s basically saying the word is excused as long as someone, regardless of race, grew up in an area dominated by black people. The word is ignorant and inexcusable, and no one, including Justin Bieber and Metta World Peace, should be using it. Giving passes only opens another can of worms.

[h/t TMZ]

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  • Another black man defending a white racist celebrity. What else is new.

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