Miami Hurricanes Tell Fans to “Go to Fewer Games” (Photo)


Attendance at the Miami Hurricane football games have been dismal to put it mildly, but now the school seems to think they’ve found a solution to the problem,. In what they believe to be marketing genius, the Canes have put out an ad campaign encouraging their fans to go to less games. This isn’t a joke folks.

The premise behind the campaign is that fans may not have the ability to fill up the 76,100 seats of SunLife Stadium for every home game. Considering that the school has a population of around 16K students, this could definitely be the case. Whatever the reason for a their fan base failing to actually represent the school properly at homes games, the school is now pushing a two-game mini-plan, where people can buy tickets in pairs of games instead of the whole season. The problem with this ploy is that the Canes home schedule for the upcoming season is pretty weak, with them hosting teams like FAMU, Arkansas State and Cincinnati Bearcats.

Will this work for the Hurricanes? With such a weak home schedule looming on the horizon, the answer is probably no, but nice try guys.