Miami Turns Weight Room into Liv Nightclub (Videos)

Miami weight room

‘The U’ will always be ‘The U’ and they will always do things their way.

Part of restoring that mystique is showing their players that you come to Miami to have fun and work hard, both in equal parts. The football team began their summer ‘Rise & Grind’ 5 AM conditioning program this week and the coaches decided to bring in a DJ and add some strobe lights to the weight room to guarantee that the players would be awake for the workout.

Half of the team probably just stepped out of Liv nightclub an hour before practice, so walking into this at 5 AM must’ve been a shock. It’s a cool idea by the coaching staff but hopefully it isn’t an everyday thing.

One thought on “Miami Turns Weight Room into Liv Nightclub (Videos)

  • I disagree! Currently the U is not the U of old. The U that I remember smashed people! They won national championships! These hurricanes lose every year to Florida State. Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin and others are not pleased with the state that Hurricane football program is in!

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