Michael Jordan Would Like To Add ‘Superstar’ To Hornets


Michael Jordan believes the Charlotte Hornets are primed to take the next step and he needs one more piece.  Jordan told the Charlotte Observer that he’d like to add superstar to the roster to go with Al Jefferson.

“I always thought it was a great destination. I think Big Al (Jefferson) proved you can come here and make a big difference,” Jordan said Monday. “Hopefully we can look at that and attract some other superstar.”

The Hornets have three picks in the June 26 NBA draft (Nos. 9, 24 and 45) and at least $13 million in salary cap space.  Charlotte would like to springboard the signing of Jefferson and a playoff appearance into more.  Jordan believes he’ll need a star player to achieve that.

“I think we can make a big difference. We did last year with Big Al and some of the other acquisitions,” Jordan said. “I don’t anticipate this being any different. I think we’ll try to improve on what we did last year, which I’m very proud of.

“The guys came out and took the initiative from coach. He was able to bond and get a really good effort. This (off-season) we have a lot of flexibility. I’ve been speaking about that the last three to four years – (how) that flexibility is very important. We’ll utilize every resource to improve the team. I don’t think that will change this summer.”