Michael Vick: “I Revolutionized The Game”


Michael Vick is a legend to many, a man who came on the scene to play quarterback at a time when the game needed him.  There were plenty of quarterbacks before him, who were agile, athletic and elusive all in one.

There was only one guy who could make All-American and NFL athletes look mortal while chasing him around the field like a video game.

Vick’s 278 yard rushing performance in the 2000 Sugar Bowl against Florida State made him a rockstar overnight and the No. 1 pick one year later.

Vick told ESPN New York that he “respects the fast, young quarterbacks” in today’s NFL, but he “revolutionized the game.”

“I was the guy who started it all,” theNew York Jets quarterback told ESPN.com. “I revolutionized the game. I changed the way it was played in the NFL.”

Michael Vick will turn 34 on Tuesday, and is now fighting to prevent being called mr by Jets teammates. Despite missing two full seasons while serving prison time for dogfighting ring, Vick said he has exceeded his personal goals.

“The things I’ve done, I’ve pretty much surpassed myself and expectations — over 25,000 yards in total offense in the NFL, and I missed a lot of years and a lot of games,” he said. “That’s more the reason I have to keep it going.”