Michelle Wie Hustled Michael Jordan At Golf (Video)

Michelle Wie Wins Major

Michelle Wie just continues to twerk and charm her way into the nation’s heart.

Fresh off winning the U.S Open (her first Major win), the golf star was in NY trotting around with her trophy when she opened up about the time she hustled Michael Jordan out of his money on the golf course, via TMZ:

Wie was out in NYC this morning — schlepping around her U.S. Open trophy — when she told us MJ is her neighbor … and every now and then they get on the links together.

So, knowing MJ’s penchant for gambling … we had to ask — have you ever played Jordan for cash???

Wie smiled and said, “I’ve won some money off him.”

Jordan notoriously has a love of both golfing and gambling, so it’s no surprise the two were combined.

Wie didn’t specify the amount of money she won from MJ, but she said it wasn’t much…wondering if that’s in her pay grade’s scope of ‘not a lot’ or the average person’s.

Speculation will now rise as the country continues to be fascinated by Wie, who is rising to the occasion after turning pro at the age of 15. The 24-year-old will have all eyes on her as she enters what may be the prime of her career.

Hmm, wonder  who would win in a twerk contest…