Mike Wallace Says He Can’t Be Stopped in New Dolphins Attack


t was no secret that Dolphins multimillion dollar WR Mike Wallace was not a fan of Mike Sherman’s offensive scheme. With the arrival of new offensive coordinator, Bill Lazor, Wallace is singing a different tune about the Dolphins new offensive plan of attack.

“Nobody can ever key on me,” Wallace said. “Last year, you kind of knew where I was every single play.”

Last season, approximately 90% of Wallace’s snaps had him lined up on the right side. This year’s plan will see Wallace almost playing the same roll Desean Jackson did for the Eagles last season. Even though it didn’t end well for Jackson in Philly, his offensive production comfortably landed him in a  new lucrative contract with the Redskins, so the hope is obviously that the Dolphins will see the same type of production from Wallace.

[h/t NFL]