Nick Saban’s New Contract Worth $55 Million

Nick Saban Contract

We fly high, no lie, you know this…BALLIN!!!

It was announced earlier this year that Alabama coach Nick Saban’s contract would be extended.  Now that the school’s competition committee has voted and approved it, details of agreement are being released.

Saban will be slated to make a $6.5 million base salary and a $400,000 completion bonus at the end of each season.  The new contract will be through January of 2022 and includes a $1 million annual raise and 2 years added to his previous contract that was inked just last year.

“We are honored by the commitment the University of Alabama has made to us with this new contract,” Saban said in a statement. “It is certainly a mutual agreement in terms of our commitment to the University of Alabama. We will continue to work hard to keep our football program among the nation’s elite.”

Saban, of course, was thankful.

“My passion has always been to develop young men to their full potential as student-athletes,” Saban said. “We’ve had great success in that area at Alabama and I’m appreciative of all the support and the resources we receive from the administration in order to make that happen. … The past eight years have been productive in so many ways and we are grateful to call Alabama our home.”

I have no problem with people being paid according to their success…and Saban is certainly a successful coach.  But what I do have a problem with is coaches signing $55 million contracts while players are paid in ¨education.¨  The collegiate athletic system is nothing but glorified indentured servitude.