Norris Cole’s Personal Chef Shot & Killed at Miami Nightclub

Antaun Teasley

Please be careful when you are attending these nightclubs and the clubs need to have better security.

No one should be allowed in with a firearm and weapon.

Here are the details of the shooting.

Miami Beach police believe a fight in the VIP area of the club led to the shooting. It’s unclear if the victim was involved in the fight.

Witnesses said the victim tried to make his way out of the club after being shot but collapsed.

“It got a little hectic after that, people were fighting with security, there was a lot of chaos left and right,” said Shala White, who was inside the club at the time.

White said the commotion began around 3:45 a.m. After she heard a loud noise, the music was shut off and club-goers told to leave.

“A lot of people were disappointed because they pay a lot of money to come to these clubs and to shut the club down early, people were coming out with bottles, getting angry with security because they couldn’t keep it,” said White.

On Antaun Teasley’s instagram page you see several photos of him celebrating and spending time with the Miami Heat.   He is showing off Cole’s championship ring in the photo above.

It was a very senseless crime. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.