Pierre Garcon: DJax And I Can Be NFL’s Top WR Duo


On the heels of Alshon Jeffery hyping up the Bears wide receiver duo, Pierre Garcon wants throw himself and DeSean Jackson in the mix.

 Garcon told “NFL AM” on Thursday that he and DeSean can be the top duo in the NFL. 

“That’s our goal — to unseat (Jeffery and Marshall),” Garcon said. “But I guess last year their stats were the top two receivers on the same team — to be up there in the top 10 category for catches and yards or however they play it out. They are two good receivers, but we’ll be up there next year fighting for that position.”

The numbers right now are extremely close and comparable.  Jeffery and Marshall combined for 189 catches and 2,716 yards last season.  Jackson and Garcon despite being on different teams, combined for 194 catches and 2,648 yards.