Real Reason Why Kap’s Accuser Made a Complaint is Revealed

You can read the entire report above (it is quite amazing), but here is the cliff notes version. When the rape kit came back there was no semen was found or any tears or lesions consistent with a rape victim.  

When the cops arrived, she was pretending to have sex with herself even though no one was in the room.  She also was banging her head against the wall for no apparent reason.  She also starting to speak of devils and jesus when the cops tried to calm her down. Lastly, she took off her wig and threw it at the cops.

If you read the documents you will find out the real reason why this became a complaint and I can give you a hint it wasn’t because she thought she was raped.

My question as always is this woman filed a false report, accused men of wrongdoing when they didn’t do anything wrong, why is she being protected?  Why isn’t she in jail? Justice system isn’t that equal is it?


3 thoughts on “Real Reason Why Kap’s Accuser Made a Complaint is Revealed

  • S. Ketcham? Is that Suzie Ketcham? From Bball wives?

  • This is even more proof that professional athletes should not screw aorund with these crazy groupies. These loose dirty women will do anything to get money and the justice system will do whatever it takes to put a black man in prison.

  • There isn’t ANYONE of the 6 people in the report that is not disgusting except possibly Patton. They should all be arrested. Gross. Good for Kaepernicks ass. That’s what happens when you have one night stands with chicks you meet at the club. Dummy.

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