Recruit Rejects LSU Because Les Miles Didn’t Answer His Call


The sense of entitlement is apparently at it’s highest peak in college football. Four-star defensive line recruit Breeland Speaks has always been outspoken about his wish to play for the LSU Tigers, but something went wrong in his eyes. First, Speaks committed to Ole Miss almost three months prior to any offer coming from LSU. Finally, Speaks made a visit to Baton Rouge on Jan 17th, weighed his options and gave Les Miles a call to announce his decision.

To Speaks’ surprise, Les Miles wasn’t anxiously waiting by the phone for his call, and that was nail in the coffin for Speaks. He decided in that moment that LSU wasn’t the school for him, and he would stick to his original decision to go with Ole Miss.

“I was pretty close to going to LSU,” Speaks said. “Very close, very, very close. But, one thing led to another, one phone call was missed and now I’m an Ole Miss Rebel.”

 Speaks has never been shy about LSU being his dream school, though an offer from the Tigers didn’t come until January, nearly three months after he had committed to the Rebels. After a Jan. 17 visit to Baton Rouge, Speaks weighed his two strongest scholarship offers with his parents and placed a call to Les Miles and his coaching staff that was never answered.

“One phone call,” Speaks reiterated. “That’s all it takes.”

Call me crazy on this one, but Breeland Speaks may be getting ahead of himself on this one. Les Miles not answering the phone immediately shouldn’t be the impetus for any decision. This isn’t to say that Ole Miss isn’t the right place for Speaks, but it’s very presumptuous of him to assume that Les Miles is patiently waiting by the phone for him to call.

[h/t Fox Sports, Clarion Ledger]