Report: Bucks and Nets Agree to Deal on Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd says 'probably' no back-to-backs for Kevin Garnett.


It looks like Jason Kidd has successfully forced his way out of Brooklyn.

Word broke that he had a failed power play in with Nets management where he wanted more power and a raise after seeing what Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr got in their deals yesterday. Shortly after that, the Bucks became the lead contender to get Jason Kidd to coach them when the Nets refused to budge.

Now it appears that the two sides have reached a deal:

This whole situation is messy but messy situations seem to follow Jason Kidd wherever he is. Personally, I would have rather stayed in Brooklyn with that Owner and location but I do understand Kidd and other coaches being a little upset about how much money Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher got. This works out well for the Nets though who are in need of picks.

Kidd now has to hope that Jabari Parker turns out to be a superstar.