Report: Joel Embiid’s Agent Pushing For Celtics or Lakers

Celtics interested in trading up for Embiid

Arn Tellem is the man responsible for getting Kobe Bryant to the L.A. Lakers during the 1996 NBA Draft despite the Charlotte Hornets being the team that selected Bryant.

If recent rumors are correct, Tellem could be trying to steer Embiid to either one of the leagues two most storied franchises.  According to Bill Simmons, Tellem would prefer Embiid go No. 1 overall, or somehow land with either the Lakers or Celtics.

Embiid’s medical reports are certain to make teams leery, but I’m not sure he’s guaranteed of falling past the Bucks (No. 2), 76ers (No. 3), Magic (No. 4) and Jazz (No. 5), before arriving at the Celtics or Lakers pick.