Report: LeBron Made $30M Off Beats by Dre Deal

LeBron James Beats by Dre

There is a lot of talk right now about LeBron James leading the rest of the Big 3 in taking pay cuts to help land Carmelo Anthony. The leading thought is that the players would make the money back in endorsements and according to this ESPN report, LeBron made $30 million off the Apple acquisition of Beats by Dre:

In a recent example, while James was leading the Heat to a victory over the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals, sources say the 29-year-old was finalizing what is believed to be the biggest equity cash payout for a professional athlete in history as part of Apple’s recent $3 billion purchase of Beats Electronics. Sources briefed on the situation say James realized a profit of more than $30 million in cash and stock in the Beats sale after he had struck a deal to get a small stake in the company at its inception in 2008 in exchange for promoting its high-end headphones.

Relatively speaking, LeBron could make up a good chunk of the lost salary with good deals like this. Besides all that, this was amazing business sense to take stake in the company up front but they hit it big. This is just another example of LeBron’s business acumen.

3 thoughts on “Report: LeBron Made $30M Off Beats by Dre Deal

  • And how many black people were beaten up or shot because of those stupid headphones? How many black people have wasted money on those $300 dollar headphones? Don’t worry I’ll wait!

  • What’s the point of being rich if you’re not free, Lebron made the same mistake as number twenty three. Is he a slave wearing shackles that you can’t see, the overseer owns a corporation called Nike.

  • nba is fixed,

    ummmmm what? He’s a basketball player NOT a social activist LOL If somebody is dumb enough to go to jail over assault over something that isn’t theirs good riddance!

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