Report: LeBron Not Happy with Beasley’s “Focus”



Now that the NBA season is over and the Big 3 in Miami didn’t threepeat in the championships, all the focus has shifted to what will be left of this Miami team once free agency begins. One of those questions lies with Mike Beasley, who the Heat took a chance on signing at the beginning of the 2013-14 season. Beasley didn’t pan out the way the team had hoped and sources are saying that once of LeBron James’ major beefs with Beasley is his lack of focus. Beasley did have a reputation for partying during his first go round with the Heat.

The summer should be an interesting one for former second overall pick Michael Beasley, who is a free agent and is not likely to return to Miami after a disappointing second stint with the club. NBA sources said James was not pleased with Beasley’s focus and he lost the confidence of coach Erik Spoelstra shortly into the season. In one sequence that typified his career, Beasley swooped in for a tip-dunk in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. On the Spurs’ next possession, Beasley got lost on a pick-and-roll, allowing Diaw an open 3-pointer, which of course he swished. Beasley is likely to get a one-year deal on the open market and his past year in Miami did little to help his reputation.

Please keep in mind that this information is purely through “sources,” and we all know that there will be lots of speculation about the future of the Heat’s roster. However, Beasley’s performance on the court for the Heat doesn’t bode well for the former #2 pick.

[h/t NBC Sports, Boston Globe]