Report: LeBron Seeking Max Deal To Stay With Heat

LeBron James June 2014

The one thing lost in the big three opting out together, is the fact that only one member of the group is willing to return at a discount.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that James has no interest in a discount, and is seeking max contract to remain in Miami.

While Bosh, Wade and Haslem could ultimately take less money with the early termination outs in their deals, James, the NBA’s four-time MVP, is seeking a full maximum contract extension – or something close to it – to stay with Miami, sources told Yahoo Sports.


James’ priority remains to find a way to make a future work with Miami, but a failure by the organization toward improving the Heat’s roster to his satisfaction could send him aggressively into free agency, sources said.

James who has carried the Heat for four seasons, is essentially telling Miami to retool and reload as an organization.  They just better make sure they pay him.

We can only assume that his two running mates are aware of how valuable and great James is, and will take the hit in salary.

James is eligible to sign a five-year, $130 million extension with the Heat.