Report: Packers Open To Bringing Back Finley, Jolly and Pickett

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The Green Bay Packers have said all offseason that they are open to brining back tight end Jermichael Finley to the team, if his neck has been proven to be OK.

Green Bay hasn’t given up completely on Finley. One doctor has already cleared him that he can play in the NFL again, but so far no team has taken a chance to sign him yet.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said he’s left the door open for Finley to return as well as other veterans who played on the team. McCarthy said that defensive tackles Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly could be great fits for the roster still.

“No doors are closed yet, and we’ll see what happens,” McCarthy said on The Bill Michaels Show. “It’s always something that I think you have to be realistic about in the National Football League. I would love to work with all three of those guys again.”

Jolly, like Finley, is also coming off neck surgery, so he’ll need to get a green light from a doctor as well. Meanwhile, Pickett remains a free agent after playing with the team last year.

Both players haven’t received much interest from around the league, so it will likely come down to the Packers’ true interest and confidence in these two as well as Jermichael Finley.

One thought on “Report: Packers Open To Bringing Back Finley, Jolly and Pickett

  • One track Mike. Packers will not win the NFC north due to MM. He is so predictable, doesn’t like change and easy to defend. Jolly and picktt and Findley are not wanted by any other team Thus they will come cheap and cheap is what the packers are..Gave the farm away to Mathews and now they pay for those sins with bodies, not play makers.

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