Report: Rajon Rondo Asked For $100 Million Extension

Rajon Rondo June 2014

Despite reports that the Boston Celtics have no plans to get rid of Rajon Rondo despite drafting Marcus Smart, it looks like they will end up having no other choice but to deal away the star point guard.

According to radio analyst Cedric Maxwell, he tells Yahoo Sports that Rondo asked the Celtics for a max deal. In fact, he asked Boston for what looks to be a $100 million extension with the team.

Maxwell suggests that the drafting of Smart and James Young along with Rondo’s demands will ultimately end up in Boston ending their tenure with No. 9.

“I think it basically gives you an indicator of what the Celtics want to do. Rumor has it that Rondo has asked for a $100 million extension. You’ve got Smart, the young kid, and you’ve got Young, the other kid from Kentucky — both guards. And in the NBA system right now, the way they’re being paid, you would pay both those guys probably about $4 million for one year instead of the $100 million right now that Rondo wanted to ask for.

“So, if you’re Rondo, you might want to start calling that moving company and say, ‘Eh, come get my stuff. I don’t think I’m going to be here too long.’”

Maxwell is correct about Young and Smart taking up about $4 million on the C’s. However, Rondo is unable to ask for $100 million deal outright.

The only way he can get that is through unrestricted free agency in 2015. The largest Rondo can demand right now is a three-year deal for nearly $45 million.

It is interesting, though, of Rondo to ask for a deal like this right now if the report is true by Maxwell.