Report: Sean Payton Testifies Jimmy Graham is TE, Not WR


If the Saints franchise tag drama was a mob field, Sean Payton would be guilty of turning informant, or states witness.

In a move that had to be described as awkward, the Saints head coach  was one of several people who testified at Graham’s grievance hearing last week and claimed he was in fact a tight end, not a wide receiver.

That testimony could end costing Graham almost $5.3 million.  A tight end hit with the franchise tag will make $7.035 million in 2014, while a receiver will earn $12.312 million.  

Besides Payton, Pro Football Talk reports that Saints general manager Mickey Loomis and former NFL general manager Bill Polian also testified that Graham should be tagged as a tight end. 

One thought on “Report: Sean Payton Testifies Jimmy Graham is TE, Not WR

  • He’s not turning on his own, as informants do.Payton is part of management who’s siding with management, which can only help him.If he can save the team 5 million on a star player, he can afford to sign or keep another star player, giving him a better chance of reaching the Superbowl.These NFL players just can’t win.Concussions,debilitating injuries in injuries, and a horrible cba deal.

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