Report: Shelly Sterling Concerned Escape Clause May Prevent Sale of Clippers


Just when the thought the Donald Sterling saga was nearing an end, the banished Clippers owner has yet again changed his mind and expressed his intent to sue the league, possibly putting the sale of the team in jeopardy.

With a generous $2 billion cash offer, Shelley Sterling has agreed in to sell Clippers to Steve Ballmer, but there are reports that she’s concerned an escaped clause written in the contract may prevent the sale.


Shelly Sterling looked confident as she left a Bev Hills restaurant swinging a Victoria’s Secret bag Tuesday, but behind the scenes there’s concern that Donald’s latest flip-flop could blow up her $2 billion deal to sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

We’ve learned there’s an escape clause in her deal with Ballmer, which gives him the right to nix the deal if she doesn’t have clear authority to sell the team.

So Shelly’s legal team will try to shut down Sterling by telling the judge there can be no argument … Donald is “incapacitated” and therefore he has no voice anymore in the team’s business.

A date for a hearing to officially rule Donald Sterling incapacitated has not been set.