Report: The Lakers Could Go After LeBron & Carmelo



Ken Berger of CBS Sports, reported that out of all the far-fetched possibilities this offseason, the lottery-bound Los Angeles Lakers present a plausible location for a Carmelo Anthony/Lebron James duo.

“Of all the convoluted superstar concoctions that are possible this summer, James and Anthony joining Bryant with the Lakers might be the most plausible,” Berger writes. “as long as you operate from the assumption that both would be willing to take a significant pay cut to do so. If the Lakers waived Steve Nash and stretched his $9.7 million over the next three seasons, they’d have about $30 million to allocate to free agents.” Ken Berger, CBS Sports

There’ll be plenty of rumors & reports this offseason. The main issue in this equation, will be the coaching decision the Lakers make. Ultimately, Lebron & Melo have to be willing to alienate two huge fan bases, while taking pay cuts.


  1. From the onset of Lebron James’ stardom with the Cavaliers, I have and will continue to be Lebron James fan. However, ptting aside all the media hype, if Lebron wants to build for himself a lasting and unregrettable legacy, he needs to convince Camillo or Stoudemire to joint him to revive his hometown teamm the cavalier. God bless Lebron!!!!!Build on your legacy and the name will follow.

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