Report: Wade & Bosh Will Opt Out This Weekend


It looks like LeBron is inching closer to South Beach with news that Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade will opt out at some point this weekend.

According to  &  the other two members of the Heatles will announce their decision sometime today or tomorrow.

It’s still unknown what was discussed during the Big 3 lunch date last week but it seems that all three are now working in conjunction. It’s obvious that the Big 3 needed to rebuild the Miami roster this offseason if they hope to win championships in the future. The upgrades in the roster would’ve been difficult if all three had opted in, so the improvements rest on them and not management.

This means that come Monday morning Pat Riley will know exactly how much money he has within the cap to attract both key players such as Lowry or Gortat and role playing vets like Deng or  Shawn Marion.

Now Bosh and Wade must decide how much of a pay cut they are willing to take to lure LeBron and other key pieces.

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