Ric Bucher Apologizes For False Report About Lowry to Heat



Earlier today, Former ESPN and current Bleacher Report NBA Insider Ric Bucher broke a story claiming that the Miami Heat would be trading Norris Cole, future draft picks and cash to the Toronto Raptors to bring Kyle Lowry to South Beach. It’s seems that this was a huge mistake on Bucher’s part. He then took to Twitter to apologize for breaking the story and expressed his embarrassment at his over-eagerness to release a story that’s actually false.

Obviously, there’s mixed reactions over Bucher’s apology, but it does take guts to admit he was wrong.

[h/t Twitter]


  1. He gets kudos for owning his mistakes. However, common sense should have prevailed. How did this trade benefit Toronto in any way? They get into the playoffs. Miami offered them garbage.

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