Rip Hamilton Gives Away a Ton of Air Jordans (Photos)

Rip Hamilton June 2014
Former Chicago Bulls guard Richard Hamilton is a part of Jordan Brand, so he just about gets whatever pair of Air Jordans he wants whether they are from years back or a few months into the future.

Hamilton did a challenge on Instagram recently and invited over a guy who goes by @cubancigarsmoka to do it. It is “The Shoe Box Deal,” where one can take as many Jordans as they can.

Hamilton did this to clear out some of his closet. But there’s a catch to all of this. The person must hold the boxes on his hands and has to walk out with them. If they fall, he doesn’t get any of the Jordans.

This is what the guy looked like:

The guy won out, though. He now has a ton of unreleased Jordans such as the Brazil Pack, Thunder 14s, Wolf Grey 3s and much, much more.

Damm, I need to find a way to join this challenge now.