Ron Jaworski Doesn’t Think Manziel Will Win the Browns’ Starting Job

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ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski made headlines prior to the 2014 NFL Draft when he alluded to the fact he wouldn’t take Johnny Manziel in the first three rounds.

On Wednesday, Jaworski continue his critic of the Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback after watching his performance during the Browns’ OTA practice.

“He won’t,” Jaworski said, according to ESPN. “Because of Hoyer.”

“Johnny just needs experience. He had a two-year college career. I think these guys need to mature mentally and physically with more college reps. This is totally different. This is your life now. You compete against guys married and have kids and they compete like hell. The more experience you have I think the better chance you have of being successful at this level.”

Jaworski did praise Manziel for improving and correcting some of his on-field inconsistent mechanics that were on full display during his college days at Texas A&M. However, Jaworski is still concern about the physical pounding that is looming ahead for the rookie quarterback.

“It’s noticeable when you watch the offense when he’s running it or any of the other quarterbacks,” Jaworski said. “He’s a veteran quarterback. The machinations at the line of scrimmage, the understanding, the command, the calling of the plays – you can tell he’s a veteran quarterback.

“I hope he’s ticked off,” he said. “Whenever I talk to Tom Brady and I mention (his draft status) Pick 199, the chip comes out. That still ticks him off. I think that’s what Brian needs to have – ‘Hey, this is my team, my opportunity, and I’m not letting anyone take that job.’”

Since drafting Manziel, the Browns have constantly reminded Manziel and the media that he is not their starting quarterback. Although Manziel may be a more popular choice, Brain Hoyer displays a commanding presence and is also more experience. The Browns have a lot to analyze before their opening snap. Hopefully this time they can get it right.