Roy Williams In “Shock” Over Rashad McCants’ Claims


UNC and head coach Roy Williams pulled out the big guns during an interview with ESPN where he contradicts the claims made by former player Rashad McCants over bogus African American studies courses.

Williams held a 35-minute, on-camera interview Saturday that was attended by 11 former basketball players as a show of support and disputed claims that tutors wrote term papers and McCants rarely went to class.

“Every one of those players that are sitting over there, and every player I’ve had make me feel like they did their work, and we emphasize that and we push them towards that all the time,” Williams said.

Williams answered questions in regards to the classes that didn’t have to be attended, but simply had to have one term paper to be submitted by semester’s end.

“First of all, how does anybody know what somebody else believes, but I know what I believe,” Williams said, before discussing his understanding of what the so-called paper classes were. “I thought that meant that a class was on paper but it didn’t really exist, and then come to find out people are using that terminology ‘paper classes’ to signify independent study courses that you do papers. … I’ve been told by people that some of those are really, really good. It shows a lot of discipline because you’re self-directed. If my players took independent study courses that were offered by this university for a reason that the university thought they were valuable, my players, if they took those courses, did the work, and I’m proud of that part of it.”