Russell Westbrook Asked His Teammates to Wear His Underwear



Russell Westbrook has gone from part-time underwear model to underwear designer. Westbrook was originally a model for the Kings and Jaxs line before¬†introducing his own design called “Why Not?”. Westbrook is using his teammates to help publicize the brand and has offered them all free underwear to try out.


Nothing screams team camaraderie like giving out underwear. Maybe this will finally be the tipping point to helping the Thunder make it back to the NBA Finals, or maybe not.

[h/t TMZ]

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  1. “Say dog..I got some underwear for you dog.”
    “I mean, yeah, I want you to wear my underwear dog..I have a pair right here, just let me take them off first..”
    “WTF?!?!” *leaves room in disgust*

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