Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin Says He’d Never Pay $64k Rookie Dinner Bill

Quite a few people were unimpressed with Eagles lineman Evan Mathis tweeting out a picture of a hefty $64,000 restaurant bill, paid for by Philly rookies as a sort of “hazing” that has become vogue in the NFL. What this “rookie lesson,” as Mathis referred to it, is supposed to teach the Eagles draft picks is anyone’s guess, but Seahawks DE Bruce Irvin let his followers, and Mathis, know that he wouldn’t have taken that kind of crap back in 2012 when he was a rook.

The Big Red that Irvin is talking about is Red Bryant, cut by Seattle back in February. Nice to see that not all NFL teams embrace this sort of stupid rookie initiation. Too bad more players didn’t have Irvin’s guts to get up and walk out when given a gargantuan food bill at a team dinner. If there’s one way to curb this sort of behavior, that would be it.


One thought on “Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin Says He’d Never Pay $64k Rookie Dinner Bill

  • walk out? did you just encourage players to commit larceny? Not exactly sure stealing food and getting arrested before the season starts is a good way to show em whose boss

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