HS Girl Says Dwight Howard Flew Her Out to Florida for Hookup (Photos)

D Dwight Howard

This is Debbie in the photo above and she seems to be a little perturb with Dwight Howard. You know how the story goes, alleged sidechick, jumpoff, etc etc gets annoyed by something and the first Tweet, IG, Facebook message normally starts off just like this.

Dwight Howard Debbie 4

Then the first photos starting dropping.

Dwight Howard Debbie

Also in a weird twist Debbie appears to still be in High School.  Depending on when these photos were taken and what exactly was going that could be a whole other set of issues for Dwight.

Debbie dwight Howard


You know how the rest of it goes from here. I am not a proponent of screenshotting, keeping messages and exposing people on social media, but my message to the athletes is always the same. Be very careful who you are flying out, messaging and deciding to be your sidechick with.  Even if you are innocent (Dwight could have a reasonable explanation for all this, I hope he does) that won’t stop them.


One thought on “HS Girl Says Dwight Howard Flew Her Out to Florida for Hookup (Photos)

  • explain what? if shes graduating high school then she at least 17 rears old, which is the legal age of consent legal in most states.if anyone should be run down its her parents.where the hell are the parents? if shes legally old enough to travel to motels and an act as. a sex toy for some athelete so be it.there is no story here. it happens every day. these skanks set themselves up to be used an tossed aside then pretend to be victims.shes not.

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