Sneaker Thieves Held on 30k Bond For Stealing $150 Jordans


This can’t be life. There is no way that these three criminal masterminds (note the sarcasm) actually thought that robbing a kid of $150s worth of Jordan sneakers was worth what happened next.

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The setting of this crime takes place in Chicago during a meetup to trade sneakers. Three boys created the most brilliant plan of all time to rob a 15 year old of his two pairs of Jordans, which according to the Police were worth $100 and $50 each. The scheme was for one boy, Jaime Muniz to drop his two friends (Marshall & Jarry) off around the corner prior to the transaction, then have them come around in time to rob a 15 year old who met Jaime off the internet. Here’s the plot twist, the two friends were ordered to rob Jaime Muniz (the head of the operation) and take money from his pockets so it looked like he was the victim too… But wait there’s more!

Not only did the two friends rob the 15 year old boy of his two pairs of Jordans as well as fake rob their friend Jaime Muniz, but the next step in the masterful plan was for Jaime to flag down police to report the robbery!

This is the part of the story where we all start shaking our heads in disbelief as to why Marshall and Jarry would agree to let Jaime snitch on all of them.

While Jaime was reporting the theft, Marshall and Jarry fled by foot. Little did Jaime know, the Police took his account very serious and brought out the police dogs to find the culprits. Both friends were eventually found by Police and upon further investigation it was concluded that all three boys where in on the scheme.

All three teens were held on $30,000 bond over robbing a kid for $150 worth of shoes.

So these kids must now explain to their parents that these sneakers are worth the equivalent of a year’s college tuition. Lets be real though, with a plan like this I highly doubt these guys were on pace to be Yale graduates.