“Sources” Say Blake Griffin Untouchable in Any Trade, Even For LeBron


I am sure these are excellent sources, but with that being said, I doubt this report to be true. I don’t have a source, person close to the situation or even a janitor, but common sense tells me that if a once in a generation player says he wants to play for your team, no one is “untouchable”.

Here is what ESPN had to say.

The Los Angeles Clippers have strong interest in pursuing LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony if they can clear the requisite salary cap space to make a maximum-level offer to the superstars, who have both elected to become free agents starting July 1.

One player they have no interest in moving, however, is forward Blake Griffin. While the Clippers would need to move significant players and money to make a run at either James or Anthony, sources told ESPN that Clippers president and coach Doc Rivers has told Griffin on numerous occasions that he considers him “untouchable” in any trade.

If LeBron calls Doc Rivers and says he wants to come to Clippers, but wants a maximum deal that only comes from a sign and trade, Rivers will pack Griffin’s bags for him.

One thought on ““Sources” Say Blake Griffin Untouchable in Any Trade, Even For LeBron

  • I would trade Blake Griffin in a heartbeat for LeBron James. The money LeBron would bring in internationally not to mention LeBron James is one of the most known public figure on the planet. GMs and owners would give a arm and leg for LeBron.

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