Souvenir Company Mistakes President Obama for England Defender Chris Smalling (Photo)

Barack Obama Chris Smalling Mug

This is a pretty bad mistake, but will probably be a collectors item.

A souvenir company that manufactured mugs featured players on England’s World Cup team made quite the gaffe when they printed a picture of President Barack Obama instead of English defender Chris Smalling.

Naturally when the mugs were received by a British wholesale company, the man tasked with opening the merchandise has this to say about the mix-up.

“They passed this onto to their young, bright eyed and bushy tailed new apprentice. The designs were proofed and signed off by their boss, who had clearly had a heavy night with the lads playing poker and before he’d had his first vat of coffee the following morning, said Wholesale Clearance managing director Karl Baxter via Daily Mail UK

“They immediately contacted us and 2,000 of the England items were dispatched to our warehouse. We eagerly unpacked them and, indeed it turned out that the Chris Smalling cup had Barack Obama’s head on instead of Chris’s.”

First, no…we don’t all look a like.  Secondly, I think this was obviously done as a prank to get attention and if so, job well done.  The only question I have is how did the guy who proofed this miss an error of this magnitude?  President Obama and Smalling do resemble each other and I can maybe see a mix-up if the two weren’t nearly 30 years apart in age.

H/T: Larry Brown Sports