Steelers Antwan Blake Wears Visor With Twitter Handle On It (Photo)

 Antwan Blake wearing custom Steelers visor

Don’t expect to see your favorite team sporting this look throughout the regular season. Fortunately for Steelers cornerback Antwan Blake its only minicamp, and we absolutely love the look.

A helmet visor with the team’s Twitter handle is a great marketing technique. The NFL has been vocal in the past by reminding players that any article of clothing or equipment that promotes a commercial brand or logo must be approved by the League’s office beforehand.

May be the league should explore expanding this optional look for every team. I highly doubt they will, but then again stranger things have transpired in the NFL.

Do you love or hate the look?

2 thoughts on “Steelers Antwan Blake Wears Visor With Twitter Handle On It (Photo)

  • i think it’s fresh/different. NFL, why not? I think they should

    check me out on twitter @chall21 (lol)

  • Chuck Noll would be sick.

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