Stephen A. Sources Says Bron Would Love To Play For Mark Jackson

LeBron Loves Mark Jackson

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since LeBrons’ Heatles lost game 5 and yet silly speculation is already surfacing about his upcoming free agency. LeBron can opt-out, which would make him the most coveted prize this summer.

The silly rumors started earlier today when it was reported LeBron’s wife loves Los Angeles. Does that really mean anything? That’s up for you to decide, but what’s next? I’m sure we’ll see a report come out saying how LeBron’s kids love Disney World, but we know LeBron isn’t going to Orlando. See my point?

This is a fair warning of what to expect in the coming weeks. LeBron may go on an innocent vacation to Houston, but it won’t be so innocent because people will speculate he’s going house shopping with Harden and Howard.

Or we may spot LeBron hanging out with Johnny Manziel in Cleveland, which would spark the LeBron heading back to Cleveland headline.

Ready for another rumor?

According to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, LeBron would love to play for Mark Jackson.

One problem here is that Mark Jackson is currently working for ESPN/ABC as a commentator. During ‘LeBron Mania’ it’s important to keep things in perspective. Don’t let every little rumor completely sway you in the other direction.

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  • i am questioning M. Jackson’s integrity, as should everybody else (including LeBron) thinking he is a good hire. golden state got rid of him, why? because he is a bible thumping (he is a pastor in fact), homophobic hypocrite. M. Jackson has let it be known his negative opinion on homosexuality, aka. his traditional values. He even mentioned at a professional NBA press conference that he is praying for J.Collins’ and his family…..not to mention being extorted by a stripper a couple years ago. Way to go pastor, coach, homophobe….terrible example for our youth.

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