Teddy Bridgewater Says Attention to His Gloves is at Michael Jackson Levels


Rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, has found his home with the Minnesota Vikings. Like the legendary Kurt Warner, Bridgwater wears gloves for added grip in all weather conditions. After his horrible pro day, where he decided not to throw with gloves on, he vowed to always wear them on the field. In spite of this, he’s still doesn’t see why his gloves are grabbing headlines:

“Man, I don’t think gloves have been much of a deal like this since Michael Jackson,” Bridgewater told USA Today. “But to this day and for the rest of my career, I’m going to continue to wear gloves.” -Michael David Smith, NBC Sports

His gloves are designed specifically for him. According to Bridgwater, they feel like the surface of a football. Those gloves will be imperative to his success, especially at NFC North away games in Green Bay & Chicago.