Terrelle Pryor on Position Switch: “I Can’t Catch”

Currently Terrelle Pryor sits 3rd on the depth chart at the quarterback position for the Seahawks, behind Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson, and it looks like that’s where he’ll stay if he ends up sticking with the team. Pryor might be able to improve his chances of making the final roster if he considered changing positions, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, based on the fact that the Ohio State product readily admits he can’t catch like a wide receiver, or run like a running back.

“I don’t know how to catch. I don’t know how to run the ball as a running back,” Pryor said. “I’ve been a quarterback my whole life.”

To be honest, with his size and raw athleticism, I could see Pryor becoming a gadget type player along the lines of a Kordell Stewart, providing he’s willing to work on his catching and running skills. Unless Seattle guarantees Pryor that they’ll break camp with three QBs, that may be may an avenue to consider if he wants to play for the Seahawks this season. Just ask Tim Tebow how not switching positions worked out for his NFL career.